‚ÄčWelcome to the BART LAB website

Studying the interactions between plants, microbes and the environment

Mission Statement

We are a group of scientists from different backgrounds and areas of interest with the unifying goal of using our research to improve food security and agricultural sustainability. We are fascinated by the intimate interactions between microbes and their plant hosts and the profound effect of the environment on these systems. We use a myriad of genetic, molecular, and computational approaches and actively seek new technological frontiers with which to probe our experimental systems.

Statement on Inclusivity

Our moral compass tells us that promoting diversity is the right thing to do. Further, as scientists, we know that bringing together a diverse set of ideas and experiences is an incredibly effective problem solving tool. With this in mind, an absolute, non-negotiable tenant of the Bart Lab is 'inclusivity.' Also referred to as the 'No Jerks Policy', this means that everyone in our laboratory must agree to treat everyone else with respect and kindness. We do not discriminate based on ANYTHING, including: age, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, socioeconomic background, political affiliation, or any other type of personal identity. If you identify with a specific group not listed above, GREAT! Let Becky know so she can add your affiliation to the list.   

I asked my lab to suggest words that reflect the Bart Lab. Each lab member then selected their favorite 7 words. The results are summarized in the below word cloud: